CCM Super Tacks AS1 Jr. Ice Hockey Elbow Pads



The CCM Super Tacks AS1 Junior Elbow Pads offer pro level protection and coverage in a pad that is lightweight, comfortable and offers improved adjustability.

The Super Tacks AS1 elbow pads build off the great protective features of the previous generation Super Tacks elbow pads, with a few major adjustments.

The elbow caps offer pro level protection with JDP technology to disperse impact energy away from the elbow joint along with D30 Smart Material to create a super protective, lightweight pad.

The forearms also features D30 foam along with additional premium HD foams for greater protection from slashes across the forearm.

CCM has also redesigned the bicep for the AS1 elbow pads, creating a dual layer piece that offers extended coverage up the arm. CCM have ensured that the pad still offers excellent mobility, the individual layers of the dual layer bicep piece can move independently.

A problem that most elbow pads suffer from is slippage during play. The AS1 elbows feature a new strapping system that helps combat this and ensure a snug, comfortable and protective fit. They feature the reinforced lock strap system used on the original Super Tacks, but with a new 360 degree adjustable forearm strap. This strap system wraps fully around the forearm, it’s easily adjustable to dial in the perfect fit for you and ensure you have a good secure fit during play.

  • CAP: JDP CAP REINFORCED WITH D3O® SMART MATERIAL AND MOLDED FOAM COVERAGE – Lightweight pro level construction dispersing the force of impact away from the elbow joint with D3O® impact and shock absorption
    technology for elite protection.
  • BICEPS: ARTICULATED DUAL LAYER BICEP WITH EXTENDED COVERAGE – Molded exposed foam and bicep construction
    for optimized mobility and protection.
  • FOREARM: COMPRESS MOLDED EXPOSED HD FOAM WITH D3O® SMART MATERIAL – Premium HD foam and D3O® impact and shock absorption technology for elite protection.
    360° surround strap system developed to secure elbow pad in place and maintain excellent level of comfort.

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