CCM Step Steel V-Steel XS Stainless Steel Runners – Pair


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Manufactured with the same materials used for the Step Steel line, the Velocity Steel line (V-STEEL) raises the industry’s standards by bringing material R&;D to new heights. The V-STEEL is the result of extensive research on the effects of blade side finish. By heavily polishing the sides of the steel, we obtain a mirror finish which promotes significantly more flow, and better edge retention. The V-Steel is also exposed to the same rigorous list of quality control tests.

  • V-Steel has all of Step Steel’s Features.
  • Centerline Guide accurately displays the center of the profile. Exclusive feature developed by Step and only available on Step products.
  • Enhance glide for more speed
  • Improve edge quality for added confidence in turning and stopping
  • Compatible with CCM SpeedBlade XS Holders

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CCM Sr Runner & Holder Size

6-255, 7-263, 8-271, 9-280, 10-287, 11-295, 12-304