Bauer NME-IX CE Sr. Goalie Mask


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Brand new for 2019, Bauer has released their newest addition to the widely popular NME goalie mask line. The Bauer NME IX Senior Certified Straight Bar Goalie Mask continues to hit all the specifications and technology that puts Bauer on top of the goalie mask market.

Starting with the overall look of the Bauer NME IX Senior Certified Straight Bar Goalie Mask, Bauer continues with the traditional shape that goaltenders have grown to love out of a Bauer mask. On the construction itself, the NME IX is made out of a power core shell which is a blend of fiberglass and epoxy that allows for better dampening throughout the forehead and chin. This shell is designed to decrease and disperse the force of an impact throughout the helmet to keep the goaltender safe during use and quickly shake off any wild shots they might see.

Moving on to the inside of the Bauer NME IX Goalie Mask, the VTX liner technology creates a comfortable feel while maximizing the protection on the goaltender’s head while wearing this mask. Expanding on this technology, the top of the head features VTX foams mixed with Poron XRD and Thermoformed IX technology that provides rigidity and protection from impacts. Over on the ears and temple area, layered VTX foams paired with Poron XRD foam gives extra protection to these key points for the most protection and comfort.

Finishing off the inside portion of the NME IX Senior mask, Bauer has included a Thermo-core sweatband that is designed to keep the goaltender’s head cool during use so that they can play for longer without feeling overheated. The last and final detail comes as the Pro harness which is fully adjustable to give the goaltender the best fit and comfort for their liking.

This model of the Bauer NME IX will come with a certified straight bar cage as shown. The design of this cage comes with reinforced post grooves so that cage will sit firmly on the mask, further providing the most protection available on a goaltender’s cage.

If you are an intermediate-level goaltender who is looking for a straight bar goalie mask that is specifically outfitted for the best protection and comfort available in a senior level mask, look no further than the Bauer NME IX Senior Certified Straight Bar Goalie Mask.

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