Shop Opening Times

The CBS Team Needs your help!

Steven, CBS boss & our no.1 skate technician, is heading under the knife tomorrow in a last-minute surgery on his Knee. Our wonderful no.2 technician Ruth is stepping in to help cover any skate sharpening whilst Steven recovers from keyhole surgery. Going forward we will ONLY be sharpening skates on WEDNESDAYS and SATURDAYS until we know how long Steven will need to recover.

We are asking all our fantastic hockey family to support us and help Steven have a Smooth recovery. Please check website & social media regularly for updates. Please don’t stress the staff if we can’t sharpen your skates as you wait. Wait times may be a little longer than normal as we are streamlining them into 2 days per week. The shop will be open as normal for everything else. No eyelet or rivet repairs will be available. Heat molding still available. We will reassess this on a regular basis and hopeful for back to normal quickly.

We thank you all for your patience and we will endeavour to minimise the impact to your hockey needs!

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