Opening Times


Cold Blooded Sports will be maintaining the 2 meter social distancing rule and will only allow 2 customers within the store at all times. Due to child protection guidelines, a parent/guardian should be with all children under the age of 16 when being fitted for kit so in this instance they would count as 1 customer, whilst another may be present in the store.

We have assessed the area of our shop floor and feel these groups could safely distance themselves from each other. We would ask you all to help us avoid overcrowding or long queues outside, so please attend in groups of minimal numbers. Give us a call ahead and we can be prepared for you or offer some advice on best time to attend. 0141 889 0099.

We have conducted a risk assessment of the shop floor and will be mounting screens around the till area. There will he hand sanitisers available at the door for your own use. Please be advised that we have closed off the back shop area and request that all customers remain within the main store.