Hi all, hope you are all keeping well. Steven here with the latest C.B.S. updates.

We are looking forward to seeing all the new products that are due for release from CCM, also we welcomed Jason Hewit from Bauer to the store recently, who showed us some quality new merchandise that is due to drop on the 25th of June.

The new Hyperlight skates look awesome and have some interesting new features that make the skate more flexible and are aimed at the player who is fast and agile on their feet.

Bauer will also be releasing a new HYPERLITE helmet with a new design that is fully adjustable side to side and back to front. The helmet will also be a toolless adjustment helmet, meaning this will fit a wide range of head shapes and sizes without the need to unscrew multiple nuts and bolts.

When Jason had his visit he talked me through the new features, advanced protection, enhanced comfort, with built in impact ridges on the side walls and front of the helmet which will disperse impacts. We will also see the return of Poron XRD foam that will absorb impact incorporated with the durable Shocklite foam from bauer.

Bauer will also be dropping the new Hyperlight sticks which keep to the tradition of the low kick point which we have seen in previous versions of the vapor sticks. These sticks will also be the lightest stick that Bauer have produced to date.

Meanwhile with the Ultrasonic range, we will see new protective products, as well as the new X range of protective equipment aimed at the beginner and recreational levels, replacing the NSX range.

CCM are due to drop the new RIBCOR line of skates with the flagship skate being the 100K. This skate will see the upgrade from having a carbon outsole, to a new one-piece quarter package, just like the FT1, 2, 4 and previous iterations of the Tacks range.

The FT range of CCM will see upgrades to the stiffness and materials used in the FT4. These skate look awesome also.

While the Tacks will continue with the AS3 model for at least one more year before we see a change in design.

The big change with CCM this year will see the FT4 and RIBCOR both move to CCMs new fitting structure. Originally, we had D for narrow fit and EE for the wider fitting skates, with all 3 models fitting different styles of feet. Now CCM will be rolling out the new fitting of, TAPERED, REGULAR and WIDE fit.

This means that whatever fit you fall into, you are no longer restricted to a specific family of skate. E.g., previously if you had a thinner foot in CCM skates, you would have been guided towards the FT range of skate. Now you have the ability to pick any skate and accommodate your fit by using the new width guide above.

This will not be the case at the moment for the AS3 as they will still be the wider skate of the 3 families but will be sticking with the D and EE fitting till the new model of tacks is released.

Stick wise, CCM will be dropping the new RIBCOR TRIGGER 6 later in the year along with the AS4 from the Tacks range of sticks. FT4 sticks will be released around the end of June along with the new skates (FT4 skates and Ribcor 100k).

We will also see CCM release the Supertacks X Helmet. The interior of which will be 3D printed. The Nest Tech 3D printed lattice internal will replace the old-style liner which will help distribute all type of hockey impacts. This combined with the d30 smart material, and additional multi density foams will make this helmet have unparalleled protection, comfort and fit. The Nest Tech Liner will more easily conform to your head with a soft continuous unparalleled fit. Due to the versatility of this liner, it allows the Super Tacks X helmet to breath much better and offer maximum airflow to your head. Breathability means less body heat loss, giving you more consistent energy overall. This will help in increasing your performance throughout the game and help you to recuperate faster between shifts.

Onto helmet adjustment, the Super Tacks X Helmet features a tool free front to back adjustment system. This easy-to-use adjustment will offer a wider size range for the best customized snug fit. Achieving the perfect helmet fit has never been easier! Simply open the tabs on the sides of the helmet, adjust to size, and you are ready to go.

Visually, the Super Tacks X Helmet features a pro-approved look that is both stylish and efficient when it comes to generating airflow throughout the helmet. The sides of outer shell have also been reinforced for added protection against a wide variety of impact types.

Having seen the teasers for this helmet it looks sleek and stylish obviously with added performance for best of both worlds.

I am really looking forward to seeing the products that I haven’t seen in person and giving you guys honest reviews.

so far, I am currently testing the new AS3 skates, and I feel these skates are levels above the previous CCM Tacks skates. More to come on these in the following weeks.

I will also be testing Warriors Q10 senior gloves. So far out the box the comfort of the glove and game readiness is next level. They feel a lot different to other warrior gloves that I have used before, especially fit wise. Again, more to come on these once I get time to try them on the ice.

Thanks for taking the time to read the blog and remember…. KEEP IT COLD BLOODED!!!